Domitille & Angélique Brion


An impish charm, a sense of adventure, Parisian pavements, a '70s miniskirt, a gust of freedom, a carefully knitted wool sweater and breezy Indian cottons. An oversized jacket, at least 9 pairs of leather sandals, an Eric Rohmer film and a Sunday family lunch...

To be who you are with simplicity and authenticity. To feel connected to your surroundings, here and anywhere.
These are the foundations of soeur, a French womenswear brand founded in 2008 by two sisters.

Domitille and Angélique Brion, a complementary duo guided by the desire to dress all women, of all generations. They draw their inspiration from their memories, their travels, and a stylistic vision that is indelibly French. The result is delicate, subtly feminine, with an emphasis on tailoring redolent of the masculine wardrobe.


 Domitille, in her studio
 Atelier in Mauritius


A well thought-out

At the heart of Soeur is an admiration of women, and the ambition to make them feel beautiful, free, and graceful through all parts of their day.
Domitille and Angélique draw their inspiration from specific references: the aesthetics of the "Nouvelle vague", Scandinavian minimalism of the '50s, British traditions, and luxurious raw fabrics that only become more alluring over time, because they carry the story and the sweetness of life.

Quality, style, and function are evident in the straightforward yet elegant results of this approach.

Lastly, soeur is the story of a family, that of the Brion sisters and that of family in its broader sense: the beloved sister, the best friend, the confidante, the partner in crime, the girls' tribe. The pleasure of expressing and sharing – be it love, a trench coat, ideas or a straw basket.

 1. Chemise Victoria
2. Turtelneck Amsterdam and Jacket Simba
3. Short Blaise


 A journey to India

A brand with
a traveling soul

Domitille and Angélique travel around the world in search of exceptional craftsmanship to develop their collections. Constantly looking for that quality - in a hand movement, in a tradition - that will add emotion to the finished product.

Cottons are sourced in India. Domitille speaks with affection of the vivid Indian aesthetic sensibility, visiting the factories 3 to 6 times a year and always marveling at the artisans' ways of creating and combining colors.
Knitwear is made in Mauritius, where the sweaters are still mounted on traditional mechanical machines and finished by hand.
Soeur's famous straw bags are handmade in Madagascar, using the same centuries'-old techniques. Other pieces are made in Portugal and in Eastern Europe.

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean through the Arabian Sea, each of these destinations leave their mark on the collections.


Between their trips, Angélique and Domitille
recharge their energy on the island of Yeu.
The fiercness of the ocean lays in direct contrast
with the small and hidden creeks. A lavish landscape
that allows the sisters to re-energize in their family home.


 1. Chemise Betty, Skirt Bambou and Hat Buenos
2. Pull Vermillon, trousers Vincent, sandals Vladim
3. Sandals Vladim, Vanina, Vilnius


At soeur, the centerpiece of each collection is the raw material. Domitille has a intuitive approach to each fabric. Through their feel, finish, and color, they inspire specific pieces which highlight their best qualities. She selects the material for their "emotion" and then proceeds to combining, assembling, and associating them to create a collection. A piece of leather can be a muse for a '60s skirt, a flower-print cotton can give life to a maxi bohemian dress.
From a garment comes a silhouette. Like playing puzzles, Domitille composes her outfits with the pieces that the raw material brought forth. The creation process is methodical, seamlessly integrating each autonomous piece into a harmonious and well-defined look.

The collections are as modern and boyish as they are sensitive and delicate. It is the balance between the tradition of a tartan and the wild touch of a leopard print, a composition of natural colors and noble materials.
Each silhouette is articulated around well-thought out and cleverly crafted proportions, precisely to make it look natural and easy. Lavaliere shirts play discreet under a cardigan. Dresses are available in shirt version, mini sixties or very long, revealing an ankle, a knee or a thigh, depending on the mood. Sometimes smocked, often buttoned-up or gathered, blouses are made with round collars, open neck or tunic version. Straight fit, tailored, boyfriend or jogger, trousers can be mixed and matched with any piece of the collection. Chunky knit sweaters, delicately embroidered shirts, belted blazers... Each look is a layering of pieces.


Dresses, skirts, shorts, trench coats, pants,
overalls, shirts, sweaters, cardigans,
socks, scarves, bags... The selection has
a broad diversity and allows every woman
to reinvent herself constantly.

Dress Véronique



In 2008, right from the onset of the brand, the Brion sisters opened a boutique in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, on 88 Rue Bonaparte, between the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Place Saint-Sulpice. The combination of a premium product with affordable prices made the success immediate.

With their amber-colored wood panels, vintage rattan armchairs and unique decoration pieces that Domitille finds on flea markets, the boutiques subtly bring out the elegant simplicity of the collections. Like being at home, they have that indescribable «just what it takes» to make one feel comfortable.

Over the years, the number of boutiques has grown. A dozen new addresses have been established in Paris and all over France. New projects to expand internationally are in the works.


 1. Katerine de Blawer collage
2. Great Gatsby Cover
3. Anna Karina, Le Petit Soldat
4. Yves Saint Laurent
5. Jean Arp
6. Katerine de Blawer Collage


Domitille Brion was Bonpoint's stylist
and co-creator of Bonton for over 15 years.
Angélique Brion has a degree in child and teenage psychology.


Your current playlist? D: Léonard Cohen and Céline Dion
A: Papooz, Christine and the Queens, Imani

Your morning ritual? D: Toast with butter, coffee and press reviews
A: A very long breakfast before starting the day

Your favorite place in Paris? D: The gardens of the Royal Palace with its ever-increasing flowers, galleries and magnificent Buren columns that were a perfect playground for the children when they were little...
A: The Rodin Museum... the Tuileries...

A destination? D: The island of Yeu
A: Somewhere between Morocco and the island of Yeu

A cult film? D: Dirty Dancing
A: La Boum with my daughter

An object you can not live without? D: My Stan Smith's that I've been wearing since I was 12 years old
A: My iPhone

The artist who inspires you? D: Matisse, Brancusi, Sonia Delaunay, Soulages... at this moment I have a little obsession with Katrien de Blauwer

Your heroes? D and A: Simone Veil, Martin Luther King, Robert Badinter...

4 hours off from work, what do you do? D: NOTHING!
A: I improvise

A family recipe that you particularly liked? Who made it? D: Stuffed tomatoes, handed over from mother to daughter over several generations!
A: Mom's Sunday Roast Beef


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