The brand Maison


SOEUR is a family affair: our founders, Domitille and Angélique Brion, two sisters, leave their respective careers and embark on this incredible project. Together, they design and develop a timeless and modern wardrobe for women of all generations.


The family business grows over the years, encounters and travels. SOEUR forges relationships of trust with historical partners, always with the same care taken in manufacturing: beautiful fabrics, defined cuts and specific fits, precision of the colors.While half of our collections are made in Europe, we rigorously select our artisans around the world based on their specialty in order to obtain the best result for each of our pieces.


SOEUR is present in more than 300 points of sale worldwide, and has 37 owned and operated stores in France, London, Madrid, Brussels and Seoul since last summer. And because sustainability is at the heart of the brand, SOEUR keeps improving the quality and development of its collections.You who have been there since the very beginning, we will not fail to keep you informed of our progress!