Silk dresses


Synonymous with luxury and comfort, silk is an omnipresent material in the Maison Soeur collections. This fairly noble fabric goes just as well for everyday use as for more special events. Deep khaki, vibrant purple, classic black or with print, one silk dress can easily become the centerpiece of a timeless outfit.

What distinguishes a silk dress other subjects?

A silk dress stands out for the unique feeling it gives when worn. This luxurious fabric is known for its incomparable softness and elegant drape that delicately hugs the body, offering an experience close to a second skin. Its lightness gives an almost airy look, a characteristic that makes it pleasant to wear on any occasion.

Each silk dress is designed to celebrate femininity with refinement, offering a cut that combines perfect fit and ease of movement. It is a material that, by nature, embodies timeless elegance and sophisticated simplicity. By choosing a silk dress, you are investing in a versatile and durable garment, which will retain its charm and elegance season after season.

How to integrate asilk dress to your wardrobe this season?

Add a long dress made of silk to your wardrobe this season is opting for natural elegance and simple comfort. It's a piece that easily matches other items in your wardrobe. Consider the comfort of lightweight silk that moves with you, creating a feeling of relaxed luxury.

On a daily basis, combine a loose dress made of silkwith flat sandals and a shoulder bag for a comfortable and easy-to-wear outfit. The softness of silk lends itself well to layering, so consider adding a cropped denim or leather jacket for a contrast of textures. For a more formal occasion, opt for a shirt dress belted in silk, to wear with boots. In the evening, change your look by slipping on high heels and adding a fitted blazer for a more refined look. You can also dare to silk dress short for a look that is both feminine and daring.

How to maintain asilk dress?

Maintain a silk dress requires special attention to preserve its beauty and longevity. It is recommended to wash silk by hand with cold water and a mild detergent for delicate fabrics. Avoid twisting the fabric to wring it out; squeeze it gently to remove excess water. To dry, lay the dress flat on a towel to maintain its shape and texture. If you need to iron your silk dress, use the lowest setting on your iron and always place a fabric between the iron and the silk to protect the delicate fabric. Proper maintenance will ensure that your silk dress stays like new, season after season.

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