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Designer dress

The thoughts surrounding the drape of a dress, its length, (sometimes mini, sometimes max,) the attention paid to detail or sourcing the matter which composes it, the development of a range color or design of a print, are essential ingredients for the birth of a designer dress.

More than just a piece of clothing, a Soeur dress dresses all silhouettes with timeless elegance. THE most classic dresses coexist with more biases sharp offering a wide choice of parts contemporary, strong and unique.

At SOEUR, our designer dresses are much more than just clothes. Originating from the know-how of two creative sisters, they cultivate a timeless style and discreet elegance.

By choosing a SOEUR dress, you opt for a unique piece with a refined style. Designed in noble materials and carefully crafted, our dresses signature combine comfort and refinement throughout the seasons.

Why wearing a designer dress?

There House SOEUR, recognized for her excellence in the world of fashion, highlights a selection of dresses which reflect a tradition of quality and innovation. Each dress, of the shirt dress to the shirt dress, passing through the oversized dress, embodies the timeless elegance specific to the brand. Distinguished by their refined cut, these dresses offer appreciated versatility, lending itself harmoniously to various occasions.

Choose one dress SOEUR, whether you opt for a flowy dress or a loose dress, it's recognizing the value of detail. Every aspect, from the precision of the armhole to the finish of the button placket, demonstrates great attention to detail.

The materials used, such as wool gabardine, cotton poplin or silk dupion, attest to the constant concern for House for durability and comfort. These high-end fabrics, combined with very precise manufacturing techniques, give life to high-quality poplin or silk dresses.

In addition, the color palette chosen by the House SOEUR, oscillating between timeless shades like anthracite gray and more daring shades like fuchsia pink, allows us to offer dresses which are not only beautiful to look at, but also suitable for every personality and season. This attention to color ensures that each dress retains its charm and shine year after year.

How to wear a designer dress?

Wear a designer dress, is to adopt a piece that tells a unique story. Simplicity and balance are essential to highlight this exceptional piece. While dress remains the centerpiece of the outfit,accessories discreet, like a handbag or a simple clutch, can complement it harmoniously. Of the jewelry, like delicate earrings or a fine bracelet, accentuate this elegance without eclipsing the dress.

THE shoes also play a crucial role in highlighting a designer dress: of the High heel shoes add a touch of elegance and are ideal for a night out, while sandals or flat boots lend a casual look and added comfort during the day. And on cooler evenings, a jacket or one coat well cut goes perfectly with the dress, creating a cohesive outfit and a chic look. As to hair accessories, such as a delicate headband or ribbon, they are perfect for finishing off a hairstyle, whether in a simple bun or naturally wavy.